“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt
“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
–Winston Churchill
“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
–Robert F. Kennedy

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Expect that we will provide you with what you need to know and do to find job opportunities and get hired. We have developed useful programs and interactive workbooks that demonstrate how to prepare and navigate the job market. We provide new content updates monthly. As a subscriber, you belong to an exclusive and respected employment community where employment experts have your back. We will help you plugin to your career potential, find the right next step, develop and execute your job search direction plan.

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Our content base programs, interactive workbooks and tools have been designed for job seekers, those needing career transition and career management assistance. If you are an organization or individual dealing with employment transition, let our expertly crafted exclusive content guide you. End job search confusion and how to get hired frustration.  Gain immediate access to content once you become a subscriber.

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We stand by our expertise. All content has been built by employment experts with hiring, employment, and career management – feet on the street experience.

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Locking Horns?

Do we lock horns with others to be aggressive or protective? If a colleague

You’re either a victim of circumstance or you’re a creator of circumstance. There are no other options.

The difference is in your ability to persuade others to buy into your vision, your idea, your way of thinking.

Persuasive skills grant you the power to create your own circumstances which allow you to shape your world the way you want. That power to create and shape is the key to your happiness.

Let us help you regain your job and give them power. It all starts with a simple sign up…

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The Plugin Employment New Grad programs and workbooks are excellent! Thank you plugin team! All universities and colleges should recommend pluginemployment.com. It helped me plan my career path, discover what is important to me, launch and manage a search for opportunities and secure a great first position. I recommend that everyone who is in the career planning stage of life or is out there looking for employment to subscribe now!
Thank you Plugin team,
Michael L
Wow this is fantastic! All in one place, easy to navigate website, excellent content, and workbooks for job seekers and those in career planning mode. Its an easy and enjoyable way to get knowledge infused that you know you are missing and didn’t know where to find. Thank you for building this expert employment transition website! I love all of the programs and practice workbooks.
With thanks,
Karen M
Thank you Plugin Employment! Right from my living room as a subscriber, I learned to understand the job market, learned the best steps to take to find multiple employment opportunities and drill into what is important to me. I love the workbooks designed to manage the job search and interview processes and all of the interactive practice preparation. Thanks for the knowledge and huge head start!! My new position starts next week!
Warm regards
Ken B

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