Mini-story:  this no-name North American large organization recently interviewed and subsequently offered a Canadian resident a position located in Chicago, on a Skype video call. It is a rare and unique organization in a specialized field. The candidate selected has a unique and rare education along with, unique experience in their field of expertise. The division the candidate will be joining was formerly, (3 months ago) the parent company. They were recently acquired, so now they are part of a combined organization. Hiring by meeting online is a U.S. hiring wave selection process we are hearing more and more about.

For this amazing company to hire the Canadian, they need to ensure that this specialist is sponsored by the employer with a valid employment offer, that they can legally work in the U.S.A., relocate and be considered by rental companies as “no risk”. The legal department of the corporate head office will need to ensure that all is looked after both legally and financially. All clarification and guarantees, need to be included in a job offer. If the Canadian candidate gives notice to their present employer, and sells or gives notice on residence, what would happen if there was a delay? An error? It would be a disaster right?

So would you be surprised to know that what was a common hiring practice 6 months ago changed, without everyone realizing? Would it surprise you to know that the new parent company has completely different hiring belief’s and is creating complications? It has been 3.5 weeks since the candidate was told that a revised formal offer would be sent.

The offer (missing the visa approval clause) had a start date of next week, now what?

This has become an ongoing situation they are all still trying to wade through.

The candidate finally did receive the offer signed by the head of the legal department. All clauses were included as requested and all inappropriate clauses were removed. The candidate has accepted, has given notice at work and in her rental residence. All that she needs now is the working visa which the company will be providing so she can start in the next month. Fast forward, when the employee went to the border it was smooth as silk. It has been 4 months since the new employee began with this organization and I am pleased to report back to you all that this was the smoothest transition the employee ever experienced and the position and company are as promised – fabulous.