About Plugin Employment Inc.


We are proud to announce a whole new pluginemployment.com experience!

pluginemployment.com is designed to energize, enlighten and empower job seekers and career development focused individuals. Our goal is to lessen job search frustration, employment transition and career management confusion. We do this by sharing inside industry knowledge.

Our subscription-based services offer a user-friendly, easy to navigate site for those in employment transition at any hiring level. This is the first all-digital site for employment of its kind!

We offer our subscribers a community of expert online services on how to get hired and maneuver through career changes. Through the mastery of the step-by-step content and completion of the interactive workbooks, we help the job seeker go all the way from job search to job offer acceptance. The site then continues to add value and takes the subscriber forward into career planning mode as never before available all in one place.

Organizations exiting their employees, at all levels from executives to staff level can now afford to look after all team members.

Individual job seekers that do not receive outplacement gifted packages from their ex-employers and new graduates entering the workforce can subscribe and learn what you don’t know about gaining employment and managing your career path.

Gain knowledge that is critical today if you hope to be or want to continue to be successful as you transition to the next employment home and then continue to drive and manage your career.

Plugin Employment Inc. is leading the revolution of change from traditional outplacement services to our customized online, easy to navigate targeted content based programs, interactive workbooks along a full suite of tools that can be accessed from any device wherever you are.

Before, organizations could only afford to give their executives this type of gift. With our solution, organizations can afford to gift all employees at every level as they will save significant cost per head, as never before available. Exiting employee get immediate value. Organizations can buy one seat, give the exiting employee access for a selected timeframe, then expire their access 4 or 6 months later, and use the same seat for the next exiting team member. Double savings and double the budget spend as never before. Contain costs while providing value your exiting employees will thank you for.

Individual job seekers at the executive level through to the staff level for the first time can subscribe, and gain the knowledge required today to find their next employment step and continue into career planning mode.

We offer over 115 relevant programs along with multiple interactive workbooks to get started, develop a search and career plan, perfect interview preparation skills, and work through the post-interview process. Our mission is to guide job seekers to learn the path to shorten their unemployment experience, find their next employment home, and reduce frustration levels in our complex employment world. We also offer a suite of programs so you can stay safe as you navigate through your employment life and plan career path next steps. We guarantee new content will be added monthly.

  •  All content is easy to understand, simple to use, is available in written format along with workbook format with save features on each page. Audio format coming soon.
  • Backed by 30 years of hiring, HR and employment expertise, 1000’s of hiring coaching hours and built by experts with hiring feet on the street experience.


  • Learn to shorten the unemployment experience, navigate the job market and continue to build your career with focus and strategy.
  • Navigate through job boards, company websites, interview protocols, company hiring protocols, recruitment firms, the hidden job market, negotiate compensation, career training, and skill enhancements – all at your fingertips.
  • Develop skills to drive your career as a promotable stand – out.
  • How many times have you heard: Can you fix your resume? Develop skills to get your resume into fighting form for each position you apply for.
  • Develop and manage job board and social media business profiles.
  • Maximize opportunity for multiple job interviews internally or externally with the end goal of securing the right opportunity, as your next career choice.
  • Career management: develop, focus, build a career plan, and optimize promotion opportunities.
  • We go deeper – samples: Manage an Antagonistic Boss or Colleague, Take Stressful Situations and Gain Experience from Challenges, Maximize Communication & Listening Skills, Over – 40 and Still Known as the Newbie? Over 50?
  • Our content is deep and wide including, building your digital brand, reputation management, enhancing your profile and resume for each opportunity, manage your exposure, identity theft, and combat interviews not happening.
  • Are you tired of sending resumes with no clue if reviewed?
  • Promotion drill down, sample interview question practice, and career planning workbooks.

This is only a sample of what knowledge we can infuse so that you create a competitive edge.

Guarantee: we will never waste your time unnecessarily. We stand by our content consistently. This is our promise to you for putting your trust in us, in advance. Content will be added on a monthly basis. Subscribe to pluginemployment.com today!