After speaking with 50 employed people, I realized that a great number of people do not know that there are safety triggers that you must ensure are in place, when engaged in any social media activity.

Mini-story: last week I heard a horrid story from a “C” level executive. We will call this executive Michael, for privacy reasons. Michael was working for a public company until last week. An executive came to him with 3 other executives and asked that he come into a meeting. Michael entered the office to find the executive and 3 people that reported to Michael directly, sitting in the room.

The executive threw a piece of paper at Michael and said “you are fired for cause”. For background purposes Michael has never been let go, never even restructured out of an organization and had no clue what was happening. Two weeks before, FYI,  (I have known Michael for 20+ years), we were out for dinner and he asked me to look at his resume and online profile, get them into fighting form and then create a bio for him. The purpose was to ensure his personal brand was represented in the best way for public viewing by present and past colleagues, the current leadership team, investors, and the general public . In the morning,  Michael sent me an email note, asking for my assistance. Needless to say the resume was a mess and required some drill down work to fix the resume, align his profile and create then bio. I am the only person that he asked to help him.

When Michael was in the executive’s office and the executive threw this copy of his resume on his desk, Michael still didn’t understand what was happening until the executive said “you are breaching your employment agreement. I have proof that you have sent your resume to our competitors and have breached our confidentiality agreement – you are fired for cause, clean out your desk and leave”. Needless to say Michael did no such thing nor did his resume or email request go anywhere but to me.