We offer a peace of mind solution where corporate clients and their exiting employees can engage with unique online interactive, cost effective exclusive P.I.E. Program sessions and P.I.E. Tool Catalogue that has been developed to provide strategy and management through today’s job loss market.

Bridging the knowledge gap and building the power charge for corporate exiting or ex-employees or those in transition as job seekers, at any hiring level on the path for a new employment home is the focus of pluginemployment.com.

Most companies are lead by compassionate people that truly want to do the best for their exiting or ex-employees. It is a difficult but strategic decision that puts you and your de-hiring team in a place where you have to execute and relay bad news.


  • A flexible, easy to use hiring community with leading edge proprietary P.I.E. PROGRAMS and P.I.E. TOOL CATALOGUE, daily tips and interactive online experts that will minimize confusion and maximize HOW TO BE HIRED knowledge.
  • pluginemployment.com will drive the exiting or ex-employee at all hiring levels to gain the knowledge required to build a successful job search strategy, and execute a comprehensive plan to maximize next employment home options.
  • Ease of use from any location as long as the corporate member has an Internet connection of any kind or voice/telephone wireless or landline connection. All sessions have the option of video or audio enhancements.
  • Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing: pluginemployment.com is designed to give the job seeker comprehensive how to be hired knowledge in a shorter time period, with minimal stress, confusion and worry.
  • Ex-employees will no longer have to pay for gas, public transit, parking or lunch to facilitate a program; No more having to secure a seat at a session three weeks in advance (if the ex-employee even attends), when you can facilitate one - on - one programs online at pluginemployment.com upon confirming a date and time.


  • Exiting or ex-employee's at all hiring levels – a cost effective and value add solution.
  • We consider it the pluginemployment.com duty to do our best to enrich the "out of employment" experience.
  • pluginemployment.com will drive the job seeker to have the ENERGY they require, ENLIGHTEN the ex-employee so that they understand the job market today and EMPOWER the job seeker to make best precision managed employment search efforts to successfully secure their next employment home.

Contact us for your personalized corporate consultation with Wendy Shully (Dear Wendy) to discuss your corporate transition plans.

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