What is one of the hottest topics being discussed today? The buzz is about your personal, professional or organizations, reputation management. It comes down to who we are, along with what we project online, within the public domain. All organizations are in the same position of being the gatekeepers of their reputations. Personal or professional, a tight control of digital reputation management is a must today.

When we remember past employers, what is or was their reputation? How are those reputations viewed by the public? How do our personal reputations impact our employers and how can their reputations positively or negatively impact our lives today and into the future?

All good points that deserve your attention.

People mix up SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with online reputation management. To keep it simple, SEO is taking any digital experience, (looking for someone, looking for an organization, information, blogs, reviews, research) or any online inquiry, so that search engines find the right criteria and what you are looking for is populated onto the search page.  Keywords and tags are ranked, depending on optimization and each engine ranks keywords used to find what someone is looking for.

Reputation management, like reputation.ca Ltd., offers solutions to manage your digital search reputation on search engines, social media sites, and reviews. Their software once engaged, filters how bad news about you or an organization comes up on search engines rankings. Example: Google pages. It only takes one bad review to make others question your reputation. Check them out, this is a very helpful and safe way to manage your digital reputation today.

Job seekers want their resume or digital profile to be visible and viewed. What do job seekers feel is critical today? To maximize their visibility and exposure to hiring authorities and business leaders hiring. Job seekers want to be found by those searching the hidden job market, the public job market and they want organizations to find them.

Organizations need SEO strategies to maximize opportunities that will help to increase revenue streams. Job seekers want to find opportunities. It is integral today for everyone to manage and maintain online reputations, as well integral for organizations to make this a priority in their business strategy.