Prove that you are worthy of promotion opportunity!

It’s up to you to prove your value or worth as a stand-out business professional. If you haven’t started to prove your value or feel like you are stuck in a rut, continue on. Our content will make it easier for you to manage your career path moving forward and will with your help draw the roadmap create a customized employment comprehensive toolkit that you will continue to add into, for years to come.

Ask yourself what you do or are not doing to add more value than your colleagues? Keep track of your value-add. If you feel you only meet expectations, kick it up a notch and drive yourself to consistently over-achieve expectations. Find ways to be recognized as someone who always goes the extra mile. One way to earn respect and appreciation is to manage deadlines so that you are a day or two early or maybe you are more productive than your peers as you waste no time. You may be really great at extra-curricular sports activities and your organization hasn’t a program in place. Take the lead and develop a productivity increased business case with an offer to implement. Find something nobody is doing that increases the organizations financial or cultural opportunities.  If your personal brand is based on truth and truth gets you a promotion, lucky you. In my experience, extraordinary hard and smart work is the key to earning next career steps.

Take the challenge: 

If you know you can do whatever it is that needs doing, offer your assistance.  Even if you are not sure how to do whatever it is, offer to learn. Be the kind of person throughout your career that values mentoring others. Engaging personalities have an easier time mentoring others but if you are an expert at what you do, start mentoring a special person you value. Begin slowly and focus on imparting your value. Build your promotion toolkit to include getting noticed by the powers that be.