If you bring your personal life habits into your work environment and they are not positive and professional, then you need to examine this part of your personal brand and presentation.

It is integral to have a chance at achieving opportunity for success to deliver a strong work ethic. If you are a half-miler and think you will get promoted for your humorous personality, think again. This likely won’t happen unless you are in a family-run organization and get lucky. Earn respect and drive your colleagues and boss to realize your commitment, loyalty, and dedication in doing every task, project, or strategic initiative. Demonstrate passion, attention to detail and your unwavering assurance of deadline management.

Change is tough!

If you hate change in your personal life you likely don’t manage it well in your business life. If you truly are or have learned to be an open person, it is important to your growth and development to learn to cope with the challenge of change. Find a way to embrace change rather than fearing the unknown. Take a deep breath you are not alone. Adapting to change and managing through expected or unexpected change successfully is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people have significant anxiety when a change of any kind occurs or is about to occur. It is important to your career growth to make sure that your colleagues and boss see you as a leader in change management. If you are not someone who doesn’t adjust easily to change, there are options you can explore to enhance your abilities. It is up to you to work hard to turn a lack of your ability into the embrace of change of any kind.boss watch your every interaction.

The old adage every reaction drives an action or reaction is true. You can advance yourself daily by developing a strong work personality that is warm, welcoming, progressive, engaging and productive above the norm. When you want something bad enough, are you prepared to do the extra work to get where you hope to go?