Organizations: Purchase monthly subscription packages and gift exiting employees from executive to staff level. Now you can afford to give them each full access to over 100 online accessible programs and 25+ interactive workbooks.

Purchase the package which works for your company best. All packages once purchased create a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 exclusive opportunity for your company increasing the ROI. Save significant cost per employee that is traditionally associated with outplacement services. Now it is affordable to offer focused valuable targeted employment transition programs and interactive workbooks for each exiting employee, at every employment level.

Gift one seat to an employee exiting the organization for x months (with full access to programs and interactive workbooks), expire their subscription and enter exiting employee number 2 into the seat. The organization administrator controls the subscription. For the first time ever, organizations can afford to provide employment transition assistance to all of the employees leaving the company. Getting Started, Interview Preparation, Post Interview, Career Planning and Management programs along with our interactive workbooks will give exiting team members a competitive edge in the job market.