In a perfect world, all personal and business relationships are smooth and easy to manage. In s perfect world everyone has an amazing mentor and is in the best role in an ideal organization. In the real world, not everyone is nice. You can hope they are but it takes skill, hard work, and dedication to find a great business mentor and sometimes, years to find your way into that fabulous organization.

If you are working for and with a bully, perhaps you have an off the radar boss that only makes sexual innuendos when nobody can hear, a boss with anger issues or just an incompetent boss, none of these are preferred options.

It is up to you of course but we recommend that you consider if your boss the benefit of the doubt if deserved. This would be for approach number one. If you are not experiencing continuous repeated bad behavior and this is an isolated incident, let it go if they did not pass the “this is too offensive” to ignore line. If the bad behavior is out of character for your boss, perhaps they are dealing with a personal issue and are not aware that they are managing and exhibiting poor behavior.  Not that it is your responsibility to fix this problem, if you can figure out what is causing this type of bad behavior, it may help you to deal with it. If your boss is continually going over the line, then you have another set of circumstances to deal with and should talk to HR or your boss’ boss in confidence.

If your boss is a micro-manager, do your best to stay three steps ahead of the curve. Anticipate in advance what your boss will ask you to do next and get it ready to present or well on its way to being good to go. If you follow this method over and over, eventually you will earn your bosses trust and they will back off of being a micro-manager, hopefully.