How many people do you know that are driven by guilt? They exhibit feelings of being guilty or they react like they are guilty of something when confronted with anything, or they are not guilty of anything but still feel and react in a guilty way?

I am not someone who ever feels guilty. I know that I do my best and have nothing to feel guilty about. Can you say the same?

Do any of the following statements sound like you?

1. I am not home enough, so I feel guilty.
2. I feel guilty when I review what I shouldn’t have done, still, do and don’t want to stop doing.
3. My family and work colleagues don’t think I help enough.
4. My boss says I am reactionary and not innovative. I don’t have enough time to do more and that makes me
feel guilty.
5. Not earning new certifications or continuing with recognized learning programs, knowing I should, makes
me feel guilty.
6. Not exercising regularly, makes me feel guilty.
7. Not eating properly or over or under eating.
8. Always working on statutory holidays or special occasions with no option.
9. Even when it’s not my fault I still feel guilty.
10. I am motivated by guilty feelings.

Allowing guilty feelings to drive your actions and reactions, can destroy you. Letting the feeling of guilt seep into your being, can cause significant health issues. Guilt can eat away at you and challenge your emotional and physical well-being. How do you stop the guilt train wreck?

Even if guilt has been ingrained in you since birth, it is time to grab control of what is not working and turn it around to work for you, not against you.

Ask yourself the following questions and answer yes or no only:

1. Are you doing your best 99% of the time in all personal and professional endeavors?
2. Is your self-confidence level high or low?
3. Do you believe in your value?
4. Do you genuinely care about others?
5. Do you give back both personally and professionally?
6. Do you go out of your way to help others?
7. Are you a grateful person?
8. Do you believe in giving everything you do your all?
9. Are you open to improvement?
10. Are you respectful of others as well as yourself?
11. Do feelings of guilt motivate you to do more?
12. Do you find that your feelings of guilt create a positive or negative effect?
13. Do others know that you are driven by guilty feelings?
14. Can you control when you feel guilty and when you don’t?
15. Prior to reviewing this program did you realize that you are driven by guilty feelings, actions and re-