Here is the double whammy. 

Internally within this organization havoc ensued as you can well imagine. The Director of Sales emailed his boss who then forwarded that email to the CFO, CEO, and COO with a cc to the head of HR in the parent company. along with the COO Needless to say the email trail was significant and ridiculous at the same time. HR sent a note back through the C level team to let the Canadian team know there is no active recruiting going on in Canada or the U.S. The HR leader said he is training a new recruiting team and they were doing mock interviews to build a future database in the region and internationally.

An apology was sent to the candidate as well the incumbent in the role through a third party. Wow, certainly not the North American way.

Needless to say this an awful situation. It is disgusting for the candidate who wasted 3 weeks of time preparing and participating in meetings that were not going to result in potential employment. It was clear there is no active role available. Awful for the current team in both Canada and the U.S. as the same thing was done with a U.S. candidate a week before.

It is insensitive at the very least. It is morally wrong for an organization to promote false information. The head office which is very far away from North America feels this will not damage the reputation of the North American operations. The heads of those two organizations once aware, beg to differ. The employee that got the call was interrupted in a busy day and sent off course only to find out it was a ghosting effort from the parent company not thinking anyone would reach out to the team and discover their practice session.


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