If you work for an organization today and want to be successful, you must be a strong change agent. If this is not your strength – find a way to make it so or you may find yourself on the unemployment side of the table.

As organizations maneuver through business changes, leadership teams roll over and everyone in the company needs to set examples of how to cope with multiple changes within the workplace.

Lots of people get into a comfort zone and are repetitive in nature. This is not helpful in our every changing work world. Business growth is dependent on change. There is good change and not so good change. If you have a new CEO or boss in your organization or have recently been part of a restructure and you are out you know what I mean. If the new team comes in with all these great ideas and want everyone on the same page to drive changes and efficiencies – you are best to be one of the first on this band wagon.

Change resistant employees in today’s job market have been proven to be the first ones out the door, when restructuring occurs. If you put up a wall then you will be considered a road blocker. If you are someone open to doing what is needed to make the business stronger and more competitive, you will be seen as a person who will be helpful in getting the organization to the next level of success.

Which are you? Are you a road blocker or a change agent and new road driver?

Food for thought…


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