Years ago, the bad guys would plan their crime, commit the crime and create havoc. Often it would take authorities years to track down these bad people. Today with the digital world consistently changing at an exceptional speed even our top security organizations can’t keep up with these scammers. So many variations of technically driven fraud activities exist today. These under the radar online activities target new victims at an unprecedented rate. Even job postings have become the criminals pot of gold.

Identity theft is only one kind of fraud that digital scam artists try and achieve. Cloning or duplication of websites, is the new norm. It’s like fake news. It’s out there and becoming harder to know real from not real just like if a website has been high jacked and duplicated for criminal intent. The job seeker market is ripe for their evil pickings.These criminals take advantage of job seekers with ease by posing as an employer and asking for personal information.  The scammers can clone a job board site, post fake job ads and wait for you to respond and wham they’ve got you! It is their mission to capture your identity and personal information. They find a way in, gain access to your identity and technology and before you know it, you are getting alerts that your credit cards are all compromised. These scammers have technology that consistently loops to find victims. If a website has been cloned to look like Apple but it isn’t Apple and you call the number on the screen, know that you are not talking to Apple but the scammers. Hang up immediately.

I know it sounds crazy but think of this. The job market generates billions of people world-wide seeking employment. They each have homes, cars, personal assets and personal documents. Can you see how the employment market can be a honey pot of targets for many criminals all over the world? VoIP is not a guaranteed secure method of communication. Wifi can be unprotected, especially if you are outside of North America on vacation. Scammers can use magic jacks or all kinds of highjacking technology to creep into wifi and scoop what they can off of as many people as possible.