If you are you used to being on the hiring side of the desk this content is for you.

This program covers how to switch hats and learn to be comfortable on the job seeker side, of the interview and hiring desk.

This program is recommended for job seekers at the manager level and above.

Are you having a hard time NOT taking the lead seat at the interview table? Do you find yourself biting your tongue in an interview so that you don’t direct/control the interview flow? Do you find that you are trying your best not to interview the interviewer? If this sounds like you, it is time to switch your mindset and discover ways to successfully present yourself to an employer. You can ask questions once invited to do so but give the interviewer the benefit of respect. You are the invited guest.

Q: How long has it been since you have been interviewed, not leading the interview?

I am sure you are feeling a bit like a duck out of the water. It must be an odd feeling when you have spent so many years leading teams to be the one looking for employment hoping a new team will hire you. Switching your mindset can be tough only if you allow it to be. Fear of change can be daunting but as a leader, you have likely managed through multiple changes in your career. It is your turn to apply this skill to yourself.

Anyone who has been involved in multiple hires or has hired directly can find it tricky switching seats. Your natural reaction is to take the lead seat at the table. Time to retrain your brain. The interviewer seat is not your chair. This could be one of the hardest brain-retrains you will need to accomplish.

Finding the path to present yourself as the interviewee takes practice and mindset alteration. I know that you know that body language is a huge indicator of what you are thinking and how you are coming across to an interviewer.