For 30 years of my career I have listened to HR Executives, CEO’s, Presidents and CFO’s tell me how they wish there was an alternative, cost effective way that they could afford to gift outplacement services to all of their exiting team member’s, not just their exiting senior Executives.

Ex-Executive’s comment that although they appreciate the outplacement gift, they don’t really understand the cost vs. value. Tradtional outplacement value is in the pre-termination process. Our value is for the exiting team member.

Traditional Outplacement: leadership sessions have to be booked well in advance and you have to pay transportation costs, and oh by the way the booked session ends up being the same one day that the Executive has an interview. Cancellation of the leadership session follows and by the time they re-book down the road they are fortunate to receive an employment offer and never end up using the services. The resume writer’s typical traditional outplacement companies hire have worked for 1, 2 or 3 companies in their lives. How can they be up to speed on the variation of resumes required? Ask 10 Recruiters and they will all want you to revise your resume to accentuate your experience and skills per role that you apply for. Job seekers have tell us that our content, programs and interactive workbooks impart the knowledge required to maneuver through today’s job market and then further ensures that they learn how to be safe in job search mode with easy to use online access. Everyone loves a variety of programs. Everyone enjoys that they can view and review when it works for them. Check out our programs and see for yourself.

·      Traditional outplacement has its value for the organization on the exit day.

·      We have the edge that gives exiting team members what they need to know, and do to how to maneuver from unemployed to finding their next employment options.