Did you get fired, terminated, let go, restructured right out of the employment door?

Shock, disbelief, fear and confusion usually follow. We know you feel disoriented. We can help you find your way. Don’t stay lost in the unemployment world.

We built pluginemployment.com so that anyone looking for their next employment home, can NOW register, subscribe and gain access to reality based employment transition content with critical knowledge-based programs, tools and practice interactive workbooks.

Getting Started, Interview Preparation, Post Interview execution and a host of tools designed for today’s job seeker and career planning focused individual.

Before If you were let go from your employment home and did not receive an outplacement package paid for by your ex-employer – you were left to muddle through on your own. This exclusive not inclusive practice, generated a dire need to build a cost-effective inclusive solution.

As never before available we offer online, easy to use accessibility where you can learn how to shorten your unemployed time, navigate the job market with precision and build your own career planning strategy. You will uncover industry secrets, and create an edge on your competition so that you can build/manage your job search strategy, execution and gain employment offers. You are an expert at what you do. Infuse our feet on the street hiring expertise. Mind meld and move forward within your career path today!

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