Personal productivity is just what it says, personal. We all have good and bad habits. Drill through this content and let us know your thoughts.

Once you arrive home and/or leave your home office area, are you still hooked into your smartphone watching/listening to all notifications? When you finally get into bed, how many blue lights from technology are visible once it is dark, that creates that blue light hue in your room? Example: TV, routers, tablets, laptop and/or smartphones?

So many questions I know but they are applicable, right? Are you sleeping well? Do you respond to each email and/or text as they come in? Do you turn off your smartphone when sleeping or hear notifications throughout the night? Do you ever shut down completely from technology?

If you live with others, are each of them ever disengaged from technology? How much of your work day/evenings and weekends do you spend engaged with technology? (playing an online game, texting/emailing, listening to podcasts or music online, on social media sites, and purchasing goods? (1% – 100%).

Are you feeling exhausted as you read and review your answers? You are not alone. Most of us are guilty of the “constant contact” syndrome. It is my own coin of the phrase but rather appropriate wouldn’t you say?

Social media is addictive – true or not true?

Do you think you may be addicted to your devices?

If you know are over the top with device use-age, think about it. If you know you are past the point of balance, now that you aware is there anything healthy about this? Do you feel you are super productive at work or overwhelmed?

This is becoming an epidemic for all age groups. If you never truly shut down and continue high watermark device use-age day to day including weekends, how can anyone be highly productive personally or professionally?

True rest rejuvenates energy. Without shut down time, everything in your world will become, if it isn’t already either overwhelming, too stressful, exhausting and/or a combination of all. It may not be vitamins you are lacking. Perhaps it makes sense to consider that you may be in technology overload.