My client is a stickler for details. Their business depends on the precision of details/data and information accuracy with zero error tolerance. We discussed the spelling and grammar errors as well the resume date inconsistency and the many errors and careless lack of making sure contact information was up to date. My client is no longer prepared to extend an employment offer.

The moral of this story is, it is your responsibility as a job seeker to ensure the accuracy of all details (written or spoken) exchanged with a potential employer or recruiter. All of this could have been avoided. The candidate could have received a great job offer if the candidate had used good judgment, and common sense. Doing your homework and knowing what is expected of candidates seeking employment is up to you to learn. Ensuring that you are prepared and ready for an employment offer is up to you if you are dealing with an employer directly. Unfortunately, the candidate demonstrated is that he is careless, possibly lazy, not detail oriented and does not demonstrate initiative. There was no employment offer extended.

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