Are you aware that even on the resort property, if you are your family members are hooked into the resort Wi-Fi network, you head onto the beach and are picked up on the extended Wi-Fi network that GPS could be tailing your movements? Meaning that bad people could know when you are out of your room? Did you know that this is the norm for thieves and bandits in resort vacation properties and vacation surrounding towns? I am not trying to scare you silly but if you don’t know this already, alert you so you and your loved ones stay safe. If you have a bag/purse/knapsack do you leave it unsecured? No of course not so don’t take a chance with your devices. Even if you purchased a roaming package prior to leaving stay alert.

When traveling, and on public Wi-Fi, if you use Google Chrome as your browser an alert will come up when a site you are viewing uses HTTPS connection rather than a secured encrypted HTTP. This is a real alert and warning as criminals have an easier time following your connectivity when you connect through HTTP vs HTTPS. Warn your family members, please. Let everyone in your group know this is not a joke and safety depends on everyone’s vigilance.

TIPS from the Canadian Government:

The Canadian government has some great tips to keep you safe digitally while on vacation.

Protect your Equipment 

“Protecting the physical security of your devices is just as important as protecting yourself through digital measures. Laptops and smartphones are popular targets for thieves since they are relatively small and can yield a high profit. A thief can transfer data from your unattended device to a secondary storage device and can upload malicious software to be accessed later.”

  • “Do not let your devices out of your sight. Don’t leave your phone charging in a public conference room while you go for lunch or lend your phone to a stranger who needs to make a call.
  • Lock up valuable and sensitive electronic equipment when it is not in use.
  • Do not leave valuable or sensitive electronic equipment lying around your hotel room.
  • Just as you wouldn’t wear expensive jewelry in a dangerous area, do not flash your expensive devices.
  • Do not rely on “good hiding spots” within a hotel room to secure your equipment. This may be the first time you have seen the room but it is not the first time someone else has seen it.
  • When traveling, keep your electronic equipment in your carry-on baggage to avoid potential in-flight loss or damage.” has our own list of protection tips for you!

  1. Airplane mode should be used consistently when leaving your country of origin and left intact until you return home. When using airplane mode enable, both voice and data services are off as are Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. You can manually reconnect when required.
  2. Disable file sharing and airdrop features to “don’t allow”. If you need to work send attachments via email as your first choice.
  3. When you sign up for public Wi-Fi you have to click through terms of use. When they ask for an email address, consider using an old email address or create a Gmail account for travel purposes only.
  4. Often public or resort service Wi-Fi providers are hoping to collect and capture data when you use their connectivity so don’t just click through terms without double checking that you are not giving away private information, like your mobile telephone number. Why does a Wi-Fi network need your telephone number? Is someone randomly going to call you and ask you how you are liking their Wi-Fi connectivity? I think not. Scooping, filtering and dumping data for criminal purposes is one of their games.
  5. Don’t download data on Wi-Fi networks unless you have to or make sure that you are hooked into a VPN (virtual private network).
  6. Use the Hotspot feature if you can.
  7. Download music or videos before you travel. Take no chances unnecessarily.
  8. You wouldn’t go to sleep at night with an unlocked door right? Don’t leave a window open for the bad people to get through online either. Keep your family and loved ones safe and secure – please.
  9. Keeping safe online on vacation or while searching for employment, staying alert and vigilant is critical.

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