Social Media Safety When on Vacation is a necessary part of our lives.

Woosh, we are here. Shut down time is fast upon us! Thank goodness for some down time right when you know that you are hitting the exhausted wall.

Every so many years we get lucky and the end of year holidays, begin on a Friday. This is one of those lucky years. Some organizations give their teams the gift of time off options. As we get ready to hit the slow down button in our brains and people begin the shutdown process for a well-needed break, this is where criminals hope you are too tired to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure online.

If you are off to the airport or are driving to your holiday destination, wake up please and ensure safety first.

Did anyone check Facebook or Instagram yet today? I did first thing this morning and saw that 13 people I know posted “at the airport and off we go” or similar headings, all meaning the same thing – we are not home for the holidays. It doesn’t have to be just you updating the world that you are away. A family member, friend or loved one, could have posted and tagged you alerting the world that you are leaving for vacation. Even a “staycation” could mean day trips or all day outings, right? Think of the movie HOME ALONE.

Mobile carriers charge a fee for roaming services outside of North America when you are traveling right? Along with the cost of your trip, insurance and funds needed on your vacation to enjoy the trip, adding in roaming services for the family can be very expensive. People think, no big deal we will all use the resorts Wi-Fi, we are paying for that anyway, might as well use that. So what is the big deal about using public or resort Wi-Fi services?  13 out of 25 people, that I asked, believe that if you are on resort Wi-Fi services, you are using a secure network. NOT true.

  • Did you know when outside of North America, even in the best of resorts, WIFI is not secure? Network security depends on who set up the WIFI, who is monitoring and managing the service and what data they want to scoop.
  • Maybe you went to the concierge desk to ask about rates for swimming with Dolphins? The next thing you know you are at breakfast and a representative comes to your table wishing everyone a good morning and asking if the group wants to go on swimming with the Dolphins day? Coincidence? I think NOT!

Resorts may do their best to secure their Wi-Fi guest services but keep in mind when outside of North America, Wi-Fi can be pirated a lot easier than you may think. Airplane mode shuts down all data transfers. Even if you don’t use your phone and it is turned off, the minute you go to make a call or view online you open the window, so be vigilant. Magic Jacks are the worst loophole connectivity of all.