Danny was asked by his boss to speak with each of his employees. Not to justify or explain but to get each of them to know that this is a bad situation for Danny’s family but in no way did Danny know or ever suspect that his mother would be accused of a crime.

Danny agreed to do this to bring the subject out into the open given it is in the public domain to stop gossip, stop misinformation and to ensure that all of the respect that Danny has earned stays intact under diverse circumstances beyond his control or without his knowledge.

Bottom line: don’t let negative information about you or your family members create negative impacts for you. Don’t let anyone pull a duping delight on you! If it seems wrong, you think it could be wrong, the person you suspect is doing something wrong or tries to get you to lie for them or do something untoward, they are trying to see if they can get you to cross a moral line so they can use it against you.

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