It is typical of people, sad but true when a family member does something negative or exhibits criminal behavior and it becomes public knowledge, all family members can be negatively impacted.

Mini-story: Danny is a long-time client and friend that has been in my business life over a 20- year period. Danny is an HR senior executive and has earned promotions throughout his career along with respect from all those he worked for and all colleagues. Everyone loves Danny. Everyone always trusted Danny. Now Danny deals with the questioning eyes of employees that don’t verbally communicate their new feelings of mistrust but the widespread mistrust is clear as day to Danny.

Trust is a big issue for people generally speaking.

Danny’s mother (Judy) was a respected lawyer with that practiced real estate law.  Judy worked on behalf of major condominium builders. One of the builders had 4 ongoing projects. Each project was in a large geographic square within a major North American city. Units were sold, deposits taken and put into trust accounts. Somehow these trust accounts disappeared as did the deposit funds for each sold-out building. After the police investigation, Danny’s mom and her firm were charged with fraud over 3 million dollars. Danny was devastated as were his other family members. Judy was smug, not apologetic and angry at a partner who made the error, that got them caught.

Danny’s boss the CEO called him into the office and asked Danny if he was aware of his mother’s criminal activity. Danny was asked by many if he benefited from his mother’s present or past criminal activity. News channels tried to get Danny to comment as he was coming and going from work or in and out of his home. Danny, of course, was just as flabbergasted as everyone else who knows his mother. Nobody who knows Judy would have ever thought or suspected she would do anything even close to what she is accused of.