If you are a toxic behavior instigator, please reach out for help from a professional and change the bad behavior now before you or someone you love is affected negatively. If you are a victim of toxic behavior, look to create awareness within the team. Tell everyone how destructive bad behavior can have a negative impact on the team’s success. If you are a leader, talk to everyone together and then separately. Offer different ways and options on how to communicate effectively. Offer multiple approaches that give options and could benefit all.

Some people only know one way to communicate and if you don’t teach them options, they can never correct their behavior. Encourage conflict management courses or training sessions to enhance knowledge levels if you are the manager. If you are a colleague speak with HR and ask them to communicate course or training options. Even if you are the junior team member, it is always appropriate to stand up with all due respect, to anyone bringing toxic behavior near you.


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