If you are hoping to receive a bonus, reward or acknowledgment for a job well done ensure that you have demonstrated that you are deserving. Ensure that your boss can measure your contributions.  If you are with employers that have structured programs with KPI’s agreed to, or goal align programs, then that is great. It doesn’t take the heat off you as you are still responsible for you. Before you are asked by your boss or even if you are never asked to agree to targets to achieve, we recommend that every year in mid-November through to the end of December, you review a year-end checklist. 

Whoosh I always feel November creeps up before you know it, the month fly’s by and it is December. Before you know it, it will be the holidays and then we are into the new year. In the last 2 months of the year, it is important to stop, take a breath and evaluate the state of your career, aspirations, and goals. Did you achieve your goals?

Maybe you are the type of person to write out formal career goals annually. Maybe you write down your goals but do not follow up. Maybe you just wing it. Maybe you just hope you did your best to show your boss that you are deserving of a reward.

  • Developing, building, managing, and demonstrating innovative expertise above peer contribution, is what earns you a promotion.
  • Consistently going above and beyond, adding value, not negativity, enforcing and re-enforcing a positive path, finding the way forward in a maze of change and chaos, that is how careers thrive. Yes, of course, it takes hard work, being in the right place at the right time and the art of consistently demonstrating your personal brand value.

Do you know what goals you are supposed to be reviewing? If you have tracked your goals and achievements good for you. If you haven’t and it’s all swishing around in your head take a bit of time and get it down, how can you achieve your goals if you don’t know what they are? How can you measure the achievement of your goals if you don’t set them? How can you expect your boss to acknowledge your achievements if there is no KPI’s? Nothing to measure your achievements by is not going to give you ammunition for a bonus or acknowledgment of achievement.