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I know you are going to say, everyone knows how to leave a voice message. I do however beg to differ as that statement is so not true at all employment levels.


For example today, a senior financial Executive left this message on my voice mail: “Hi Wendy, my name is _________ _________________and you are hiring for a Vice President Finance role and I am the one you need to speak with about it. I left you, I mean I am leaving you this voice message and I sent you an email with a description of the role, no not a description of the role but a one line summary about why I think I am right for you to consider hiring for this role so you need to call me when you pick up either of my messages as I am the one candidate you have been looking for and you can reach me at __________-___________-______________ - ok when you can please call me.


First of all this is typical vs. non typical of the length of message, people whom I have never spoken to, leave their messages.  Not only is it a bunch of run on sentences but it says a few things to me as listener. The candidate was not prepared to leave the message when voice mail kicked in. The candidate did not prepare a short but high impact information message and decided to just wing it. The candidate spoke way too quickly and I did not catch the person’s name or telephone number and had to hit replay 4 times.


Leaving an exact voice message is an art. Getting return calls takes precision.

Every approach you make to an Employer or a Recruiter must be exact and to the point. Like in any presentation you need to prepare. Preparation meets opportunity.


Does this make you think about the messages you have been leaving?


  • Do not leave a rambling message for anyone
  • Do not clear your throat and always keep your voice crystal clear
  • Do not say um, ya, or use other slang words when leaving a voice message


  • Do use verbs and clearly articulate your message
  • Practice your voice message prior to communicating it to others
  • Make sure you are smiling on the telephone when leaving critical voice messages
  • Keep your message short and to the point
  • Rate your voice messages on a scale of 1-10 and look to improve consistently


If you are not satisfied with the voice messages you are leaving feel free to reach out to me directly at: wendyshully@pluginemployment.com


All comments are welcome and we appreciate your valued input.

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